What is CheeseMod?
Contrary to it's name, CheeseMod does not add cheese to Minecraft. Instead, it is a general bukkit server mod which adds a huge variety of commands and features to Minecraft as well as improving the features which already exist.

CheeseMod is meant to function as the primary mod on your server, therefore it provides its own user group system, chat system, world system, property file system, command system and more. Chances are it will conflict with a lot of other mods, though it has been tested with WorldEdit and Dynmap. If we are missing a feature you need from a conflicting mod, contact KaBob799 and we will strive to either add it to CheeseMod or fix the conflict.

CheeseMod strives to be customizable, providing dozens of customization options that can be set per world. But this is just start, soon CheeseMod will be adding a brand new group system allowing nearly everything in CheeseMod to be enabled/disabled per world, group and even individual users.

This website is currently under construction, we hope to have it complete before the end of the year

Installation and Download
Installing CheeseMod is a simple process, the newest version will always be available at this site. Your server will also check for new versions whenever it is started/reloaded, if it finds one it will tell you on the server console and in the staff chat.

Download CheeseMod 1.8.7 Alpha 1
Download CheeseMod 1.7.2 Beta 1 | Changelog
Download CheeseMod 1.6.4_1 | Changelog

Older Versions

To use CheeseMod, you need a working Bukkit server, just place CheeseMod in your servers plugin folder and run the server. From your server console you will want to type "group add [your player name] admin" since you can't admin yourself in game. If you have any issues, just contact KaBob799. Generally you should update bukkit every time you update CheeseMod.

Sometimes a feature is too big or too easily broken to be included in the main CheeseMod plugin, when this happens a CheeseMod plugin will be created. A plugin may or may not require CheeseMod to be used, but they will always benefit from it. Below you will find any currently available plugins.

CheeseCity - An npc village management plugin

Ever since CheeseMod was first started in January 2011, a ridiculous amount of time and effort has been spent maintaining and improving its features. If you like CheeseMod please feel free to donate, donations will help pay for hosting and will increase the amount of time available to work on CheeseMod. CheeseMod donations can also earn you benefits on the Pyco website system.
More Information
Basic Information
All players are assigned to 1 of 6 groups, guests, noobs, normal users, veterans, mods and admins. Each group has a specific name color which shows up on log in/out, chat and /who.
Various player actions are logged to help combat theft and griefing.
Sand will not fall if it is directly powered.
You will not take fall damage while in a minecart or boat.

Mob Spawn Changes
All naturally spawning creepers have 25% chance of being replaced with something else. 80% of these will become a group of pig zombies, the rest will become a skeleton riding a pig.
When a creeper naturally spawns above 65 y (and is included in the 25% mentioned above), it has a 1/50 chance of being replaced with a giant zombie.
In the nether, zombie pigmen have a 5% chance of being replaced with a skeleton when they spawn naturally.

Mob Drop Changes
Creepers have a chance of dropping sand or glowstone dust in addition to their normal drops.
Zombies have a few additional possible drops, including mushrooms and sand.
Pig Zombies have a chance of dropping netherack, soul sand, glowstone dust or nether quartz.
Giants drop 1-64 arrows as well as a few random items, including cookies.
Spiders and Cave Spiders have a 5% chance of dropping web.
Silverfish have a chance of dropping sand.

Block Drop Changes
Destroying snow (the thin kind covering blocks) has a 20% chance of dropping an additional snowball, even if you aren't using a spade.
Destroying lapis lazuli ore has a 20% chance of dropping an additional piece, no matter what item you are mining with. But not in instant block break worlds.

/biome - This command is used to edit biomes.
/block - This command lets you interact with the block you are looking at in various ways.
/chat - Used for chat related settings such as chat beeps, chat groups and more.
/check - Used to check a wide variety of in game information about the server, the worlds and the players.
/chrefresh - Reloads cheesemod settings and unloads worlds if they are not being used and are not set to preload. Can be used from the server console.
/chunk - This command deals with map chunks, it contains various subcommands for managing them: refresh (refreshes the chunk you are in, useful when you teleport and it doesn't load), regenerate (admin only, regenerates a chunk to its original state. be careful)
/dist - Tells you the distance between you and another player. Works like /dist [playername]
/flat -Used to flatten land, this command will soon be deprecated.
/fly - Used to toggle flying mode.
/giveaway - This command used to manage and recieve item giveaways.
/group - lets you add or remove players from the 5 extra user groups, admin, mod, veteran, noob and watch. Works like "/group add [player] [group]" or "/group remove [player] [group]" You can also use the keyword all to remove a player from all groups, instead of just 1. Players not in an extra group are normal players. Due to technical limitations, player names are currently case sensitive for groups. Can be used from the server console.
/heal - This command is used to restore your health, hunger and oxygen to full levels. It will also extinguish fire if you are burning and make you invincible for an extremely short period of time.
/help - Lists some of the basic commands you can use.
/hide - This command handles your visibility to other players.
/home - Teleports you to the home set with /sethome, or to another players home (if set to public) if you do /home [playername].
/item - Lets you spawn items at your location. Can do up to 1024 at a time. Works like /item [itemname/id] [amount] [player] [data]. Data is for items like wool, but some items have data values that wont work in the inventory but do work in the world. Can be used from the server console.
/jump - Lets you jump up to 150 blocks in any single direction. Works like /jump [x/y/z] [0-150]. Use negative numbers to go the opposite direction.
/kit - Gives you a preset amount of various items. Items are: log (16), sand (64), dirt (64), snow (12 snowballs), cobble (64), gravel (32), netherrack (32), slowsand (6), glowstone (3 glowstone dust), ice (2), clay (3 clayballs), wool (24), redstone (6), iron (2), lapis (1 lapis lazuli), torch (16) and quartz (1). It works like /kit [itemname] but if you leave the name off it will give a basic version of this list.
/listwarps - Lists up to 20 warps for your current world, if you add a search time it will only list warps containing the term. /listwarps [search]. Otherwise it just lists the first 16 warps.
/me - Similar to /talk, but shows your name as '*Name text goes here' instead of 'Name: text goes here'
/mobs - Despite its name, this function deals with all entities not just mobs. By giving it subcommands you can do a variety of things to nearby entities such as mobs or items. This function will avoid killing tamed wolves. Go to the /mobs section for more info.
/pm - Lets you send private messages to an online player. Works like /pm [playername] [message]
/realm - This command is used to find and teleport between worlds. If you just type /realm, it will give you a list of worlds. Otherwise use it as '/realm [world name]'to teleport to the world.
/removewarp - Removes an existing warp. /removewarp [warpname]
/repeat - Used for repeating tasks such as using commands.
/ride - This command allows you to ride on top of players '/ride [playername]' or on top of entities '/ride mob [entity id]'.
/ridemob - Works like spawnmob, with the same rules and choices. But it works in this format: /ridemob [mob1] [mob2] [amount] mob2 will be riding mob1. You can replace either mob with the keyphrase "me" to either ride a mob, or have a mob ride you. All mobs from the spawnmob command work here, as well as boat. If you use "me", you cannot specify an amount. Otherwise, the max amount is 100.
/sethome - Sets your /home to your current location. Also handles making your home public/private. For a public home, do /sethome 1. For private, /sethome 0.
/setspawn - Used to change the spawn point of a world.
/setwarp - Sets a warp to your current location. Works like /setwarp [warpname]. Can overwrite existing warps.
/shape - Used for modifying large groups of blocks in various shapes and areas.
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn point, you can include a name afterwards "/spawn [name]" to teleport a specific person. Useful for kicking people out of secret locations. Can be used from the server console.
/spawnmob - Allows you to spawn mobs at your location. It works like this: /spawnmob [monster] [amount]. The default maximum amount is 150, but some mobs have lower limits. If you do not specify an amount, it will do 1. Mob choices are: pig, sheep, baldsheep, cow, chicken, squid, zombie, skeleton, spider, pigzombie, slime, monster, wolf. Staff have the added options of: creeper, megacreeper, tamecreeper, giant, ghast.
/staff - Works like /talk, but only appears to mods and admins. Can be shortened to '/s [text goes here]'. Can be used from the server console.
/storm - With no arguments, it will either stop weather or start weather (with a 10% chance of thunderstorm). With a single argument it will start weather for a duration of your choice (time in game "ticks") /storm [duration]. If you do /storm 1 [duration] it will be a thunderstorm.
/talk - Used to talk, works just like normal talking but allowed you to start your message with / and use color codes. Can be shortened to '/t [text goes here]'. Can be used from the server console.
/time - Lets you control time as well as check the current time.
/tp - Lets you teleport to another players location. Works like /tp [playername]
/tphere - Lets you teleport a player to your location. Works like /tphere [playername]
/warp - Teleports you to a warp point. Works like /warp [warpname]. Can be shortened to /w. Warps are world specific, any time you use a warp command it applies to warps in that world only.
/who - Lists the amount and names of players who are online. You can also do /who [player] to see which world they are in, plus staff can see the players coordinates. Works from the server console.
This section will detail each of the /mobs functions. You use them like /mobs [functionname] [distance]. The distance of /mobs defines how wide/tall/deep the area of effect is. It is a cube shape and can be as high as 55 (75 for admins), the default if you don't put a distance is 20.

whee: Sends all nearby mobs flying straight up into the air.
whee2: Sends all nearby mobs flying into the air, includes horizontal motion.
wheeself: sends you flying up into the air.
boomself: Creates an explosion at your position, default size of the explosion is 3. This command is staff only, mods will be able to create up to size 15 and admins up to size 65. This explosion will destroy all items in its range.
lightningself: hits you with non-damaging lightning
kill: kills all nearby mobs.
kill2: kills all dangerous mobs (except wolves)
fire: sets nearby mobs on fire
water: extinguishes any nearby burning mobs/players, except yourself
vanish: makes all nearby mobs disappear without dying
itemvanish: makes all nearby items, arrows and primed tnt vanish
boatvanish: makes all nearby boats vanish
itemwhee: the whee command only for items
gooddog: stops wolves from being angry (although they will keep attacking their current target)
tame: Makes all nearby wild wolves tame for the user. Admin only.
freepets: Frees (vanishes) pets that are tamed by the user.
baddog: makes wolves angry
sitpet: makes pets sit. Only affects untamed pets or pets tamed by the command user.
standpet: makes pets stand. Only affects untamed pets or pets tamed by the command user.
rainbow: randomizes the color of nearby sheep
shear: makes nearby sheep bald
hairy: un-balds nearby sheep
arrow: makes nearby mobs shoot an arrow (can lag)
snowball: makes nearby mobs shoot a snowball (can lag)
egg: makes nearby mobs shoot an egg (can lag)
tphere: teleports all nearby mobs to your location (dangerous due to creepers)
tphere2: teleports all nearby mobs, except creepers, to your location
fakelightning: hits all nearby mobs/players with non-damaging lightning
lightning: hits all nearby mobs with lightning and nearby players with non-damaging lightning

Boosters: Place gold blocks or ore under rails to create a minecart booster, much more powerful than a booster track.
Brakes: Place soul sand under rails to slow down carts.
Bounce: Place wool under rails to cause carts to reverse when they pass over it. If the track the wool is under is recieving redstone power, it will not reverse.
Station Block: Place obsidian under rails to create a station block. Requires a sign underneath the obsidian. The sign must be facing one of the 4 compass directions, be a signpost (not wall sign) and the text should be readable when facing the direction you want to go. When powered by redstone, minecarts will jump in that direction. When not powered, they will be stopped.
Function Block: Function blocks are made by placing any double slab block under the tracks, as well as a function block sign underneath the block. A function block sign will a [Command] on the second line, as well as other possible arguments on the following line(s). Because this block will be recieving many functions, they will be listed in the following section.

Function Minecart Signs
Destroy: When a minecart passes over this block it will be destroyed without dropping the minecart item.

Jump: Place a number anywhere between -125 and 125 on the 3rd line and any cart that passes over this block will jump that many blocks vertically, while preserving its momentum. Can be used to jump to a track above or below your current one. If the track is recieving redstone power, it will not jump.

Switch: Works like jump, but horizontally. Value must be between 1-5. Cart will jump that many spaces in the direction the sign is facing. The sign should be set up like a station sign, so not on a wall and not diagonal.

Unride: When a minecart passes over this block it will be destroyed, dropping the minecart item.

Function Signs
CheeseMod also adds function signs which can be right clicked to perform actions. Make sure to not wield a block or you will place it when you right click.

Lift Top: Place [Lift Top] on the second line of a sign, then whenever you right click on it you will be teleported to the highest block above your current position.

Lift Up/Down: Place either [Lift Up] [Lift Down] or [Lift] on the second line of a sign, you can put whatever you want on the other lines. Then you right click on either an up or down sign, and it will take you to a lift sign directly above/below that sign. Your relative location to the sign is preserved, so be careful.

Minecart: Spawns a minecart at the signs location and places the player inside of it.

Boat: Spawns a boat at the signs location and places the player inside of it.

Warp: Works like /warp when right clicked, put the warp name on the 3rd line.

Fun Tips
Most commands that require a users name will work as long as you give enough letters to identify just 1 user. So if I'm the only player online with a name that contains k, you could do /tp k to teleport to me. This doesn't apply to any function that works whether or not the user is online, such as /home [username].
Minecarts are boosted by gold blocks whether or not they are on track, making gold blocks useful for + intersections.
You can change how CheeseMod functions by editing the CheeseMod Properties File.