CheeseMod 1.3.2_1 Changelog:
Added haxxy save file support for books (bukkit STILL doesn’t have an API for them), as well as proper per-world enderchests. Added useDat property to If on, it allows players to claim their inventory/xp from a .dat file in the current worlds /players folder. This is so that switching your primary world, or copying in a primary world from a different server will allow players to keep their items. Defaults to off. Note: This will not recover your location from the save file as there is no way to tell which world you were in. To claim items, just do /item claim in the world containing the dat files. It is now possible to use /item clear in survival worlds (although I can’t imagine why you would want to =p) Added /ridemob random mob1,mob2,mobetc, also works with stack. Ex: “/ridemob random cow,sheep,pig,chicken 20 stack” Halved skeleton riding pig spawn chances (now that pigs don’t despawn, its causing overpopulation) and added a low chance of skeleton riding cow (still uses the spawnPigSkel property). Made it so tamed animals have death messages if in a survival world, regardless of mobDeathMessages setting. Added world size limitations: to turn on, set sizeLim=on in the world properties and then sizeX and sizeZ will define the width in blocks of the world. centerX and centerZ will decide where the center of the limit is. You can either set them to off, which defaults to the spawn point, or add your own X/Z if you don’t want the spawn to be in the middle of the level. This feature will be expanded on in the future.