CheeseMod 1.5.1_b2 Changelog:
Download (requires build 2706+) - Other Versions
/mobs will now work in command blocks Added the ability to protect mobs by creating a blank written book with [safe] as the title and then right click the mob with it. Protected mobs will be invulnerable to direct attacks from other players making them less likely to be killed in farms. They will not, however, be protected from other forms of damage. Added the command flag system to /mobs. #players will allow all of the commands to affect players (admin only) #named will allow the command to hit named mobs (staff only) and #self will allow commands to affect the player using the command (may also require #players depending on the subcommand) Added item name shortcuts for the basic types of potion (mundanepotion, potionofhealing, splashpotionofhealing and so on). The duration/power variants will come later. Staff can also now /item spawn eggs such as spideregg and pigegg Added a new custom potion system for staff, to create a custom potion you do /item potion(effectname1-durationInTicks-amplitude, effectname2-durationInTicks-amplitude) and so on. You can also do splashpotion(). This allows you to create potions which are not possible with /item. Added /check potions to give a list of potion effects for use with the custom potion system Improved potion related death messages Improved death message logging Improved the range argument of /mobs. Now you can do width-height and widthx-height-widthz. Example: /mobs vanish 10-50-10 Added /mobs effect() which uses the same format as /item potion() Various minor improvements to grief protection