CheeseMod 1.5.1_b3 Changelog:
Download (requires build 2706+) - Other Versions
Added the #tamed flag to /mobs, this will cause it to affect any tamed mobs (that you own) in the case of commands that would typically ignore them (kill, vanish, mortal, etc) Updated the version system. Now beta releases will no longer be considered extensions of the previous recommended build. What this means is that people using beta builds will get update notifications about new beta builds instead of just new recommended builds. People running on recommended builds will not get notifications about new beta builds unless betaNotify is set to on in the Made it downward facing hoppers will be protected by safe signs that are 2 blocks below them, but only from being stolen. This is a temporary security measure as a new safe system is being planned. Re-enabled non-player entities travelling through nether portals (still no end portals though) and fixed the problems with player nether portals that showed up in 1.5