CheeseMod 1.5.2_b1 Changelog:
Download (requires build 2763+) - Other Versions
Updated flint/steel and flame charge logging so that it will only log if a new fire is actually created. Added an on/off option called hunger to When off, a players hunger will be kept full. Defaults to on if not set. Added /check hunger which tells you your food level and food saturation Started on the tab completion system. It is not even close to complete (only exists for 1 command) but for simplicity reasons future additions will not be mentioned unless otherwise notable. Fixed issues with water in /biome freeze and freeze2 Got rid of the useless messages displayed when using /heal, /home and /warp Fixed a lot of message color inconsistencies (red means a problem, yellow for normal messages and gold for important notifications) A potential bug fix to commands which remove text from a file (removewarp and so on), please report any new issues if they pop up.