CheeseMod 1.6.4_b1 Changelog:
Download (requires build 2883+) - Other Versions
Typical new version updates including support for new entities/items /pm will now work with command blocks /op and /deop are now admin only commands instead of mod/admin Added rainbow2 keyword to /shape which acts like rainbow but with clay Made it so creative mode players can put leashes on various mobs including skeletons, villagers, bats, etc. Added /craft which opens up a workbench crafting GUI. Use craftCommand=on to enable it in Added the naturalRegeneration property to worlds which when off will disable the healing caused by having a full hunger bar. Removed the special noob rank death message Added world whitelists, allowing you to limit which people can visit a world regardless of their rank. Moved the group files to plugins/cheesemod/group and tweaked the file name format Added a workaround for the issue with players logging in to currently unloaded worlds.