CheeseMod 1.6.4_1 Changelog:
Download (requires build 2883+) - Other Versions
Worlds now default to the default game mode if their defaultMode is not set, rather than defaulting to survival. You can also do defaultMode=default to have the same effect. Likewise with the nether world property and the allow-nether server property. Added a inherit system which allows one world to inherit properties from another. This makes handling sub-worlds like nethers very easy because you can just inherit 99% of the settings from the primary world. Any new nethers/ends generated will use this feature automatically. Added an automatic world unload feature. To enable, set autoUnload=# where # is the amount of seconds to wait after a world is empty before unloading. Must be at least 1 or it will not unload. There is also the unloadWithSpawn setting which will make related worlds only unload in groups whenever they are all empty. This is useful, for example, to prevent the primary world from unloading if people are in the nether and vice versa. You can now set a respawn world for any world similar to how dying in the nether will respawn you in the primary world. Just set spawnWorld=worldname. You can also do spawnWorld=default for it to work normally or spawnWorld=this to make you respawn in the same world (useful for overriding the default respawn of nethers/ends) Added the unloadPreloadedWorlds property to Defaults to off. If off, worlds that are preloaded will never auto unload. Adding a notification to portals telling players when the world they are travelling to is still being loaded. Added a new feature to filter out the” Player issued command: /command arguments” log that appears every single time a player uses a command. There are 2 levels of filtering, partial and full. Partial is the default setting and will only filter /help, /craft and chat commands such as /pm and /say. The full setting will filter every single command while setting it to off will retain the vanilla functionality. If commandLogFilter is not on full, commands which do not log any additional info such as location will not place their log in the console because the vanilla command log is sufficient. They will however still log into the individual cheesemod log files. Fixed an issue with data values in /shape sel Got rid of the wildMelons world property because it never worked right and 1.7 is adding wild melons in jungles Reduced IO usage when loading worlds properties. You will now be informed if any of your properties in contain invalid values. Made it so /block spawn [mob] will ignore some blocks like torches, signs and fire so that it is easier to target a mob spawner. Added /block tp [user] which works like /tphere except it teleports the player to the block you are looking at. Removed the /flat command because it was outdated and never used Removed the cheesemod fishing modifications in anticipation of 1.7 Added the admin command “/check realm loaded” which will list all currently loaded worlds. Worlds listed as white are keeping their spawn loaded, gray are not.