CheeseMod 1.4.5_1 Changelog:
By default, all mobs spawned by players will despawn like aggressive mobs normally do. Players with the proper rank can add persist to the mob name to make them never despawn. This can be checked by right clicking the mob with a book, if it says Persist then it will not despawn. A file will be created, please ignore this for now it will be used in the next CheeseMod update. Made safe signs work on brewing stands Added support for 1.4 items/blocks/mobs, all the typical new features stuff Added clans (for more info: The keepItemsOnDeath property in now works Upped the spawn rate of skeleton riding pig/cow (I dropped it in the previous update), but the pigs and cows will despawn like aggressive mobs do. Made bats drop 1xp if mobDropChanges is enabled in, also increased giant zombies xp drop from 5 to 10. Added the ability to spawn falling block entities, if you spawn a block you don’t have permission to /item then it will vanish when it lands or breaks. Examples: /spawnmob fallingtnt, /spawnmob falling50, /ridemob bat fallingsand. Also added dropped item entities using item20, itemtnt and so on. Made it so cheesemobs (the ones that bounce) have sponge helms, if the model supports wearing helms (skeletons, zombies) Added spawnSnowGolem setting and made it so the spawn settings can prevent building of mobs (golems and withers) Added witherGrief setting, which when off will prevent withers from destroying blocks (note: bukkit support is not finished, so this is only a partial reduction of damage). Also added ghastGrief setting. Fixed the spawning of regular skeletons in the nether to check the mobSpawnChanges property, instead of the ancient spawnNethSkel property. Added a 1% chance of a naturally spawned Pig Zombie being a baby, if mobSpawnChanges is enabled. Added the copy keyword, which when added to a spawned mob will give it whatever armor you are wearing and whatever item is in your hand. However it will only copy items that you are able to /item, so non staff wont be able to give them tnt or anything like that. Added a public notification for when a server reload begins, this notification can be hidden by doing /reload 0 Removed some old custom crafting recipes that nobody used Fixed some issues with the first time running cheesemod, or the first time loading a new world. Moved the file from the server folder to the plugins/cheesemod folder. Added the ability to spawn mobs that can pick up loot by adding the loot keyword. Example: lootskeleton. Added a death message for players killed by spider jockeys Added unban as an alternate command for pardon Updated the item name system to support items with metadata like playerheadKaBob799. /item no longer accepts an argument for item data values, use the item name format (wood-2, for example) instead. Logs of /item will now show what the person put as the item name, instead of always listing the id number. The updated system does not currently work on block related commands like /block or /shape. You can now get colored leather armor by adding a 6 letter hexidecimal color code after the name, for example /item leatherhat000000 would give a black hat, while /item leatherhatFFFFFF would give a white one. Various behind the scenes improvements which are too tiny/numerous to list