CheeseMod 1.4.7_1 Changelog:
Added death messages based on what zombies/skeletons are holding, as well as baby/villager status. Typical new version updates for new items/features. An updated save system which supports all special item values (firework types, etc) Added /item copy which will duplicate the item in your hand (useful for stuff like fireworks and enchanted armor) you can also do /item copy [amount] and /item copy [amount] [player]. Has the same limitations as normal /item use. Added /item give, which will send the item in your hand to another player in the same world group as you (a world group consists of all the worlds that share an inventory). Currently does not work in survival worlds. Can be used by any player, since it does not create any new items. Added /item fireworkrandom which will give you a randomly generated firework, even including options that aren’t craftable such as duration 0. You can also do /item fireworkrandom-# to choose the amount of effects it has, max amount is 10. Added /item name [name] which allows staff to set the name of an item without an anvil. You can also use color bbcode like [red]. Do just plain /item name to remove the name. Added /item lore add [lore] which lets you add a line of lore to an item. Color can be used here as well. If you don’t wish to add them one by one, use /item lore set [lore list] the list is each line seperated by a |. For example: This is|A 3|Line lore. Do /item lore remove to get rid of the lore. Added the ability to spawn fireworks using spawnmob and ridemob, can use the same random and random-# modifiers as in /item. Added the playerHead property to worlds, if higher than 0 then players will randomly drop their head when they die. The value can be 0-1000, where 0 is no chance of spawning and 1000 is 100% chance of spawning. Added the enchant flag to item names, if the name ends in enchant then it will apply the highest valid enchantments for that item. Example: /item diamondhelmenchant. It’s essentially a shortcut for /item enchant. Added the /giveaway command which you lets you create item giveaways for a certain itemset. More options will come later. Updated the valid item filter to check data values, so now non-staff can spawn all skulls except wither skeleton skulls. Added an automatic spam kicker, if you repeat the exact same message over and over quickly it will kick you. This isn’t intended as a full spam stopping feature, it’s just a way to reduce the chances of spam occurring. To modify this feature use spamCount=# and spamDelay=# in (for spam count, its how many times the message has to repeat in a row, for delay its how many seconds can pass before its no longer considered in a row) Default is count 8 and delay 10. Added the beginning of command block support to cheesemod controlled commands (staff/say/tp for now) as well as a new property called commandBlockLoc which when on will display the command blocks location in chat/logs (useful for tracking down an unwanted command block). Rewrote the tp command so that it can accept the /tp [player] [toPlayer] format like in vanilla. Also for anyone who uses the secret/match tp modifiers, they are now –secret and –match. /tphere now accepts the modifiers as well. Added partial support for non-player entities travelling through portals, full support as soon as bukkit gets around to adding the proper stuff.