CheeseMod 1.5.0_b1 Changelog:
Download (requires build 2648+) - Other Versions
Kits are no longer always disabled in survival worlds, instead kits are disabled only if the cmdKit in the world properties is set to 0. You should double check your properties. Typical new version updates for new items/features. Made it so staff can spawn slimes and magma cubes up to size 100 (although higher numbers cause increased lag due to particles) Added the commandBlockName property to, chooses the default name for command blocks. Updated the item name system to choose better names for certain items. Added /giveaway check items and /giveaway check # items which will tell you the items in a giveaway. Made it so safe signs will prevent the breaking of enchantment tables Updated the mob name engine to detect special mob types such as Wither Skeleton as well as custom mob names. Currently this only affects the mob death messages. Added nether quartz to the default kit set The /kit command can now be used by the server console and command blocks by adding a players name argument at the end. /giveaway claim can also now be used by command blocks. Added customizable /kit sets, which are placed in the plugins/cheesemod/kit folder. An example file called default.txt will be created, which is a copy of the set used by kit 1 if kit1.txt does not exist. The number in defines which file it will use, so cmdKit=2 would use kit2.txt. Example kit definition: kitname=item_amount. Item is a standard item string like from /item, so it can be an id number or a name and it can include a data value like wood-1; Kits can now include multiple items, to do this seperate the items using --. Example: redwool--blackwool_2--wood-2 Tweaked the custom mob drop feature for pig zombies /spawn will now work with command blocks Updated /mobs so that it will tell you how many mobs were affected by the command /block helm [item] [player] can now be used by the server console and command blocks Dangerous /mobs commands will now ignore named mobs. Made it so only ops can break command blocks (however they are still not explosion proof)