What is CheeseCity?
CheeseCity is a bukkit plugin which manages NPC Villages in Minecraft. It is a CheeseMod plugin but it does not require CheeseMod to run.

CheeseCity has few features now but it will be expanded on in the future. It is currently offered more as a proof of concept than an actual mod.

Installation and Download
Installing CheeseCity is a simple process, the newest version will always be available at this site. Your server will also check for new versions whenever it is started/reloaded, if it finds one it will tell you.

Download CheeseCity 1.7.2_1 | Changelog

Older Versions

To use CheeseCity, you need a working Bukkit server, just place the jar file in your servers plugin folder and run the server. If you have any issues, just contact KaBob799.

Ever since CheeseMod was first started in January 2011, a ridiculous amount of time and effort has been spent maintaining and improving its features. If you like CheeseMod and its plugins please feel free to donate, donations will help pay for hosting and will increase the amount of time available to work on CheeseMod. CheeseMod donations can also earn you benefits on the Pyco website system.
More Information
Basic Information
If you have CheeseMod, CheeseCity features will currently be limited to mods/admins and will not work in survival. This will be more customizable in the near future. If you do not have CheeseMod, any op will be able to use CheeseCity commands in any world.

The check command is used to find out village related information. Do /city check to get information (population, location, door count) on the city closest to you. Do /city check door while looking at a door to see if it is a valid village door.

Do /city create to create an NPC Village at your current x/z position. It will be placde on the highest y location so you can't create them underground. You can also choose a city type. /city create 0 will generate a vanilla 1.7 village while /city create 1 will create a slightly enhanced village that can generate on any biome. Be careful, there is no undo option for this command.

Do /city popular to check how much the nearest village likes you. To modify your popularity, do /city popular [#]. This will add the number to your popularity, rather than set it to the number. Your popularity can go as low as -30 and as high as 10.