CheeseMod Properties
When you first run CheeseMod, it will create the file under your bukkit folder. This properties file deals with all server-wide properties. You can edit this property file to change various aspects of CheeseMod. Some properties will be left out of the file by default, you will have to add them yourself.

General Properties
afkLimit [seconds]The amount of seconds to wait before kicking an afk player, defaults to 3600 (1 hour). Set to 0 to disable.
afkTime [seconds]The amount of seconds until a player is considered afk, defaults to 120. Set to 0 to disable.
chat [url]This property is used for sending chat from the server to a website.
chatbotURL [url]This property is used for connecting to a website based chatbot.
chatbotName [name]The name used by the chatbot.
guestMode [on/off]Defaults to on, if off the server will kick members that are not whitelisted by CheeseMod.
itemSet# [name]Defines the name of itemset #, for example itemSet0=Default.
lastVersionThis is used to identify your current version of CheeseMod for update purposes.
playerListLimit [#] The maximum amount of people listed when you log in to the server. 0 to disable the message, defaults to 20.
preload [list] A list of worlds to keep loaded at all times, seperate each world with a , Example: world,survival,flat
realms [list] A list of worlds available to visit, doesn't need to include nethers/ends. Example: world,survival,flat
spamCount [amount]The amount of duplicate messages in a row to wait for before kicking. 0 to disable.
spamDelay [seconds]When spamming, each message must be faster than this after the previous message to be counted as spam.
stats [url]This property is used for displaying server stats on a website.
statsTime [seconds]This delay, in seconds, between stats being updated. Should be a multiple of 5.

Command Properties
alchemyMax [1-100] Sets the maximum radius for the shape and level commands. The default is 10.