Time Command
CheeseMod expands the time command that is built in to Minecraft, adding new features and better usability. By default, the /time command can be used by veterans.

Setting The Time
There a couple different ways to set the time in CheeseMod, the simplest is to just type /time to make it day. If you don't want to make it day you can do /time [day/night/midnight] or /time [0-24000] to set the time. If you wish to set the time in a different world, or from the server console, you can do /time [time] [worldname]

Adding Time
Adding time works like it does in normal Minecraft, you do /time add [seconds] or /time add [seconds] [worldname] Note: You can also use negative values, but it does not work quite as expected. For example, if it is 6pm and you add -2 hours it will set it to 4pm the next day.

Freezing Time
If you are a mod or admin you can use /time freeze to toggle time freezing. This will alter the timeFreeze property in world.properties. As with setting time, you can also do /time freeze [worldname] if you are on the server console or in a different world.

Checking Time
Checking the current time is as simple as /time check or /time check [worldname].